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Should I go For A House or A Apartment? Part (3)

Don’t forget this is going to be your house now . . . your home. I know you think you’re going to spend most of your time going out, but you’ll be amazed at how much time you do spend at home. Isuppose the biggest downfall of an apartment is that the neighbours are close.

For anyone who is renting an apartment, neighbour relations are critical—particularly if the rest of the units are full of owner-occupiers. The last thing you want is the neighbours constantly shaking their heads about ‘those unruly renters in apartment such and such’.

Go out of your way to introduce yourself because if you respect their privacy and space, they’ll respect yours and you’ll be ‘those nice young people renting in apartment such and such’. And good neighbours can come in handy when you can’t be home to open the door for a delivery, or for general security.

But I’ve always found the biggest attraction of renting an apartment is the fact that the body corporate (a group of apartment owners) looks after maintaining everything outside your door . . . which means you don’t have to do it—one less hassle.

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