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Know Your Right as A Tenant

tenant 300x230 Know Your Right as A TenantIf you’re paying for a property in good condition, then that’s what you’re entitled to. That means if the toilet leaks or the back door is warped and won’t close properly, then the landlord has to fix it— and if it’s serious it has to be done immediately. If it’s not so serious—like a dripping tap, something irritating and wasteful but not life threatening—the owner should get it fixed as soon as possible, but he doesn’t have to break the four-minute mile to get there.

Privacy is the biggie with rental properties. The landlord can’t barge in on your backyard barbie just because he owns the place. The landlord or agent can only come onto your property in the following circumstances:

• To carry out a general inspection (seven days’ notice, no more than four per year).

• To carry out necessary repairs (two days’ notice).

• For urgent repairs (no notice necessary).

• To show prospective tenants the property if you are vacating (only during the last fourteen days of tenancy, and noticemust be given).

• To show prospective buyers the property (notice must be given).

• If the property seems to have been abandoned.

• In an emergency.

• If the tenancy tribunal orders that access be allowed.

• If the tenant agrees.

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