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Your Responsibilities as a Tenant

rmo0136l 240x300 Your Responsibilities as a TenantThere are always two sides to a story and just because the landlord and agent have rules to follow doesn’t mean we get let off the hook.

• The tenant has to keep the yard and building in a reasonable state of cleanliness.

• The tenant can’t be negligent or forgetful and as a result cause damage to the property. Like don’t leave a heater on, or leave the bathroom tap running!

• The tenant is also responsible if one of their guests wrecks something. So, if your mate sits on the kitchen counter and falls through, it’s your problem . . .

• The tenant can’t add fixtures or change the permanent look of the place without first asking the landlord—this includes things like putting up hooks to hang paintings.

• The tenant must pay the rent on time, even if there are repairs that need doing. Your lease says so—and it’s a legal document.

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