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Advertising for Flatmates Part (4)

Do all the little things like open all the doors, maybe put out some flowers, and show them around the whole place. You need to work out the questions you want to ask before a prospective flatmate arrives. Try to keep the interview in the form of a friendly discussion, but don’t be deflected from the questions you want to ask. These could be along the lines of:

• Why are you looking to move?

• Why did you leave your last place?

• Where do you work? How long have you been working there?

• Can I see some references?

You also need to let them know about the house rules at this point. That way you aren’t wasting time considering people who might knock back an offer later on when they hear your rules. House rules may include things like not smoking inside the house, no pets, and asking your housemates if you want friends to stay the night.

Remember to write down your impressions immediately afterwards so that when you are trying to decide who you want to give the room to, you have something to refer back to. The decision The fifth step is to decide on who you want to move in.

When you let that person know they have the room, you should run through with them again the details of the bond and the rent (how much and when it is paid), the house rules, and any other guidelines and policies.

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