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Live By Solo, are You Ready?

Going solo means just that—that you choose to live by yourself rather than with a few mates, your boyfriend or your girlfriend. These days around 25 per cent of the population lives alone; this is heaps compared to 50 or so years ago when this figure stood around 5 per cent.


As I’m sure you can imagine, there are quite a few advantages to living by yourself. Peace and quiet One of the first things you notice when you move in with a bunch of people is the amount of noise that a few 20-year-olds can produce. The funny thing is that this level of noise somehow increases on a Sunday morning around 10 when you have a hangover and just want to sleep in.

So you can see how getting some peace and quiet is a major advantage of living alone. You can sleep whenever you want to without being disturbed, and you can be up at any hour and pottering around the house without worrying about waking anyone else up. You get to do things your way It is only natural that when you live with other people you need to compromise and accommodate other people’s habits. If you live by yourself you get to do everything your own way—from cooking and cleaning to positioning furniture.

Just think, what if you lived with some guy who wanted his favourite tatty old brown lounge chair in your perfectly colour-coordinated living room.

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