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Moving Out: Giving Notice Part (4)

notice4 300x265 Moving Out: Giving Notice Part (4)A couple of weeks before her lease were due to expire; she started asking among our friends whether anyone wanted to move into a larger place in the same area with her. Our friend Gill thought this was a great idea, so they started shopping around and eventually found a two-bedroom place they really liked.

By the time Jo and Gill had found a flat, and Jo knew that she was definitely moving out, it was just over a week before her twelve-month lease expired. She wrote out her notice and took it around to her landlord, who was pretty annoyed that she wasn’t giving the two weeks ‘notice that she was required to give.

His solution was that even though she was moving out in a week, she still had to pay two weeks ‘rent because there was no way he could advertise and find a tenant to replace her in only one week. He was going to be out of pocket at least a week’s rent otherwise. Jo thought that this was a reasonable solution and agreed to it, but she also asked him to put it in writing in case he changed his mind later on.

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