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Moving Out: Terminating a Lease Early

lease Moving Out: Terminating a Lease Early If you need to move out of your place for some reason or another and are worried about breaking your lease, don’t worry, it can be done. But the consequences of doing it can often depend on how nice your landlord is. If you want to break your lease early, the best thing you can do is give your landlord or agent as much notice as possible.

You should give your notice in writing, and make sure you keep a copy just in case you run into any problems along the way. In your notice you need to tell your landlord or agent the exact date that you intend to move out and that you want them to find a new tenant, along with all the other details listed earlier that should be included in such notice.

No matter how nice you are about it, terminating a lease early will probably cost you money. In most cases you will have to keep on paying the rent until a new tenant moves in, which can be very costly if the landlord takes a while to find someone.

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