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Moving Out: Leaving It as You Found It

fount 300x139 Moving Out: Leaving It as You Found ItWhen you walk out the door for the very last time you must ensure that the property looks the same as when you first walked in, apart from any ‘fair wear and tear’ that has occurred during your tenancy. Fair wear and tear is basically the deterioration that occurs over time to any property, and is not the fault of the tenant.

It includes things like damage from natural elements, cracks in the walls from settlement or earth tremors, and tiles and curtains faded by the sun— basically the stuff that still happens even though you have done your best to maintain the property. It is a good idea to do a big clean before your final inspection to make the place look as good as new.

You should do all the things that you wouldn’t do on a weekly basis, like windows, the oven, fire- place, cobwebs and mould. You will be surprised at how much dust you will find when you move all the furniture out, along with odd marks on the walls or carpet that you might want to get rid of before the landlord or agent inspects the place.

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