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Moving Out: Terminating a Lease Early Part (2)

lease4 Moving Out: Terminating a Lease Early Part (2)Along with this, you will probably have to pay the costs for the property to be advertised in the local newspapers. You may even have to pay a re-letting fee if the property is let by an agent who charges the landlord a fee for finding new tenants, usually equal to one week’s rent.

Not everything is against you, however. The landlord has a duty to put in a proper effort to find a new tenant, not just letting things slide because they have your rent coming in. Also, if you terminate the lease close to the expiry date, you can’t be made to pay all of the fees and advertising charges because the landlord could reasonably expect to have to pay for them in a few weeks anyway.

According to the Department of Fair Trading, for a landlord to get money from you to cover these fees they must be able to show that their loss was caused by you breaking the agreement early. Back to my friend Toby. Halfway through his second year at uni in Newcastle, he got a great cadetship with a big company in Sydney. He discussed this with his lecturers, who said that he could keep on doing his course by correspondence; it would just take him a bit longer to finish.

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