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How to Choose the Right Bathroom Furniture to Suit Your Bathroom

how to choose the right bathroom furniture to suit your bathroom copy How to Choose the Right Bathroom Furniture to Suit Your BathroomWhen someone first says ‘bathroom furniture’, you may initially think of the sink, toilet, shower and bath. However, it is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners to equip their bathroom with additional pieces of furniture. Whether you furnish the room with units that will provide practicality and storage or whether you are adding pieces of furniture to the bathroom that will bring an element of interior design, there are countless options available to you, from mirrored bathroom cabinets to vanity units. Here are a few ways you can select the right furniture to suit your bathroom.

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the furniture you are interested in buying. If you have quite a small bathroom you want to ensure that the furniture you buy isn’t too big as it may overpower the room. The best size of furniture to go for is a unit that can be easily fitted into your bathroom but you can still move freely around it.

When purchasing any piece of furniture you should take a moment to consider the durability of the item. For example, if you are investing in a vanity unit that also holds your basin, you want to make sure it is a long-lasting piece and can be cleaned easily. If it is difficult to clean the item you have chosen or if it shows watermarks, you could find that you spend a lot of time cleaning the unit. However, if you choose a unit that simply requires a quick wipe down you will save plenty of time.

Those who share a bathroom or have a large family could hugely benefit from storage furniture. This can be everything from shelving units to bathroom cabinets. Before purchasing any storage furniture it is important to look at the different units available at places such as Better Bathrooms because you want to make sure the unit you buy actually has a realistic amount of storage space. If your bathroom is on the small size, wall hung units are ideal as you can still have an adequate amount of storage space without compromising on space.

Finally, one of the main factors when choosing any type of furniture is to make sure the unit you buy actually suits the style of your bathroom. If you have spent painstaking hours planning and designing you dream bathroom you want to make sure any piece of furniture you choose fits this overall design. For example, if your bathroom has a traditional feel to it, a modern vanity unit or cabinet will simply ruin your bathroom’s style, therefore it is best for all of the furniture to follow a similar look.

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