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Four Main Rules in Your Bedroom

bedroom Four Main Rules in Your BedroomBedroom is a room where you spend the most compared to other rooms inside your house. You always relax your body on your bed, even some bedrooms have bathroom inside so you can directly take a bath and dress up in your bedroom. All of you definitely agree if bedroom is the most comfortable room inside your house.

Due to your frequency of staying at bedroom, you should know that there are some important rules that might you don’t know about staying at your own bedroom. Those important rules are:

-          Keep the cleanliness and the neatness of your bedroom

If you love staying at your bedroom, you should be willing to clean and tidy it regularly every day. Only by sweeping the floor and arranging your furniture well, you can avoid the dusts that can make your bedroom look dirty. Even though it is your own bedroom, you need to make it as comfortable as possible so you will be pleased to stay there every day.

-          Pay attention to all furniture inside

Your bedroom might contain many kinds of furniture, such as: mattress, wardrobe, dressing table, and many others. For the mattress, you need to have the softest mattress in order to make you feel comfortable when lying on your bed. Besides, you should also have nice pillows, bolsters, and quilts on your bed to make you sleep tightly. On the other hand, furniture like wardrobe and dressing table should be made from good materials. To make it nicer, you have to match colors and designs of all furniture inside.

-          Keep your bedroom safe

You should lock the door every time you leave your bedroom especially if you go out from house for a long time. Bedrooms usually contain important and valuable things of the owner. Therefore, you should be careful of the security of your bedroom. Besides the door, the window should also be locked either when you leave your bedroom or when you sleep at night.

-          Improve your bedroom ‘s appearance

You sometimes need to improve its appearance so you don’t feel bored of staying at home. Besides, bedroom should give you more spirits especially after waking up in the morning when you want to work or do your daily activities outside. To get new spirits, you can do home improvement, such as: repainting your favorite color on the wall, matching that color with your mattress and other furniture.

Well, all rules above should be done for everyone who wants to spend at bedroom comfortably everyday icon smile Four Main Rules in Your Bedroom

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  1. Denise
    05/12/2013 at 5:38 am Permalink

    I like your post very much. They’re what I do. I’m a good girl.

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