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Weighing Out The Best

Most pallets are used in shipping—whether cross country or for smaller deliveries. Extensive amounts are produced and used each year. Their easy usage makes them a necessary accessory for shipping items in trucks and other surfaces that require an easy way to lift heavy objects in a method that can be stacked. Forklifts are used […]

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Benefits of Adjustable Workbenches

If your height is taller than considered normal, you are familiar with the stresses of bending over on your back, neck, and hips. Sitting hunched over to work an intricate jigsaw cut, adjust a biscuit-cutter, or operate a drill press can cause prolonged pain in your joints, neck, and back after a project is finished […]

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Make Over Your Front View: Install Elevated Deck

Are you looking for a new way to spruce up the outside of your home this season? An elevated deck may be the right choice for you. Elevated decks provide increased living area that is great for barbeques, guest visits, relaxing and enjoying scenery, and much more. One may ask, “Why wouldn’t I simply install […]

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The Importance of Lighting for Home Appearance

Lighting enhances home decor and helps to brighten the mood as well as offering practical assistance so the eyes can see when the rooms are dark or the sun has set. When homeowners purchase lights from Lighthouse Supply for their home, they can select fixtures that appeal to them. In new homes and when making […]

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